Homophones are words that sound alike but are spelled differently and have different meanings. Here are some examples:

Your ... You're
Peter is your friend. [Belonging to you]
You're going to go on holiday today. [Short for "you are"]

They're ... Their ... There
I like Fiyin and Emmanuel as they're trying very hard. [Short for "they are"]
The boys rode their bicycles up the street. [Belonging to them]
The books are over there on the shelf. [Position. Where something is]

Sure ... Shore
The boat is anchored by the shore. [Coast]
Are you sure about that? [Certain]

Fir ... Fur
There is a fir in the garden. [Type of tree]
The animal was covered in fur.

Exercise 1

Here are some homophones that you've probably met. In each case, please type a meaningful sentence that's grammatically correct and contains that word.

Exercise 2

Here are some sentences that contain homophones. Some of the homophones are correct, and some of them are wrong. Please type the sentences correctly.

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