An Exercise in Similes and Metaphors

Remember, similes and metaphors both compare one to another, but a simile says it is like the other thing (and contains the word like or as), but a metaphor says it is that thing (although it doesn't have to contain the word is).

Please answer the following questions about similes and metaphors:

Exercise 1

Each of the following sentences contains either a simile or a metaphor or both. Please type the word simile, metaphor or both in each box as appropriate:

Exercise 2

In the following passage, Silly Sally has tried to impress you by using several similes, but the poor girl has got them all wrong. Please correct the similes by changing only one word in each one.


Exercise 3

Each of the following pictures suggests a standard simile (i.e. one that you might see in an English textbook). Please type the simile in the form as ... as:

Exercise 4

Can you think of a couple of metaphors for each of these objects, perhaps inspired by the accompanying pictures?

A skyscraper
A tube tunnel
A vast desert
An eagle in flight

... and finally, a silly poem that I wrote. Please fill in the missing words, so that the rhyming structure of both verses is AABB:

The teacher decided, if you please,
To teach the class some .
As white as , as as grass,
As as honey, as as .

-sharp, jet-, -red,
Battleship- and stone-.
Dull, but it could be worse, of course.
Next time he's teaching them !