Writing a Short Story
Below, you will see the start of a short story. What I want you to do is simple - just continue the short story. You should write at least 200 words (more if you can manage it), and you don't need to bring the story to a satisfactory conclusion. However, you should advance the plot as far as you can. Oh, and don't start by copying out the section that I've given you - that won't count towards your word total.

Something Forgotten

The protagonist's name:
Gender Male: Female:
Ryan wracked his brains. There was something he was forgetting, he was sure of it. What could it be? The front door keys to his house? No, they were in his pocket. He checked, just to make sure. What about moving his dental appointment? No, he'd done that earlier in the morning. What on Earth was he forgetting?

Ryan shrugged and pulled a sour face. Whatever it was, he reasoned, it would come to him. With this thought in his head, he pulled the front door firmly closed behind him and strode off purposefully down the path towards the road.

The Raid

"Now, I don't need to tell you why we're all here." Keen to instill the importance of this mission into his men, the commander strode up and down in front of them, a look of steely determination on his face. "As soon as that light goes on ..." At this point he indicated the red light in the corner of the room "... It's every man for himself." His eyes narrowed, as he tried to fix each one of them in turn with his laser-like stare. "Now, I have every confidence that every last one of you will do his duty. Remember, we're all counting on you."

At that point, the red light went on and the room was bathed in its glow. Almost to a man, the seated ranks jumped to their feet, and within a second or two, they were all heading for the exits.

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