Helping Charles Dickens - The Horror Story

Hello there. I'm the author Charles Dickens, and I need your help in writing my next story. It's going to be a horror story, and I've written a few paragraphs of it (with some of the words missing, I have to admit) but the ending is unfinished. Please could you fill in the missing bits with the words that you think are best. Thanks.

"What am I doing here?" Amy asked herself, looking around her.

The cave was very , and . Every time Amy breathed out, clouds of vapour formed in front of her . She could see large on the floor and dripped from huge stalagtites that hung from the roof of the . Everywhere was covered in slime that glowed slightly in the dim light.

The smell of the cave was absolutely . Amy thought that she could smell rotting , and there was the stench of death everywhere in the air.
Amy listened , holding her breath so that she could hear more clearly. She couldn't hear anything except the sound of . Suddenly she stopped. It was very faint, but Amy thought she could hear. Yes, it was . She could definitely hear and it was getting and closer.

The terrible came into view from round a . It was , and so tall that it could .

(Pretend this is a really scary monster)
At first, Amy was frozen solid, like a of . She couldn't get her to move. The creature came and . Amy could see into its eyes and down its throat. It had rows and rows of teeth and a tongue that all the time.

Then she found she could move, and she turned and away as fast as she could. As she did, she could hear the monster behind her. The sounds it made really her, with its and .
That's as far as I've written so far. Do you fancy finishing the story off? What happens to Amy as she's running away from the monster? Does the monster catch her? Does it kill her, or does she manage to escape somehow? If so, how does she escape?

I shall be excited to read how you finish this story off.

The Final Story

At last we've completed our horror story. Click to put the whole story into the text area below. Then hold down the Ctrl key and press C. This copies the story into the clipboard so that you can paste it into a word processor and save it.