Vocabulary Test: Words Starting with I

All of the following questions concern words which start with the letter I. Some of the words form hyperlinks leading to dictionary definitions of those words, which open up in new browser windows.

  1. Please give the opposite of these words by adding I followed by another letter at the start:
    plausible legal modest visible
    considerate polite legible movable
    mature dependent pure logical

    You might be able to derive two or three general rules by looking at your answers. What rules of thumb can you come up with?

    Having said that, can you think of any exceptions to the rules that you have just produced? To start you off, what is the opposite of the adjective "lawful"?

  2. The contraction i.e. is short for the Latin words id est. What does that mean?

    and all the other things
    for example
    that is to say
    on the other hand

    Can you think of an example sentence that contains i.e. in it?

  3. Please complete the following sentences with the correct word:
    The thing we have to do (initially,imperceptibly) is plug the leak so we don't lose any more.
    The boss was quite (immutable,ingrained) when I begged him for a pay rise.
    I find it (incredible,inedible) that you should walk that huge distance.
    His success is an (identity,instance) of luck triumphing over a lack of effort.
    The crowd regarded the football team's win as quite (iconoclastic,iconic) of their triumph over adversity.
    The children played pranks on their friends very (impishly,impiously).
    She sneaked her way into my good favour in a most (insidious,inept) manner.

  4. There are many expressions and turns of phrase that contain words starting with I. Here are some. Please fill in the missing words, which all start with I:

  5. The word institution has two distinct meanings. Here are two sentences, each with a different meaning for this word. In each case, please give a definition of the word institution in your own words:

  6. Would you want your raincoat to be impervious to rainwater? Please explain your answer:

  7. What's the difference between fighting and in-fighting?

  8. Please complete each of the following sentences with an appropriate word starting with I and containing the words in brackets at the end of the sentence:

Speed Test - Opposite or not?

Below, I will show you pairs of words which might or might not be opposites. One of them starts with I. If they are opposites, then you should click the "Opposite" button. If not, click on the "Not opposite" button. However, here's the catch: You only have two seconds to answer each question before you lose the opportunity. For every question you get right, you gain one mark. For every question you get wrong - or fail to answer - you lose one mark. Click on the Start button when you want to start the test.